05 January 2007

had a FULL praAdta outing on wednesday night, the FIRST official day of school. :D with a few other VIPs like Fernie, Charissa and Baoyu. well, i'm kinda lazy to upload photos cos most of them are on Clar's blog. so yeah, if you all wish to see our pretty jeanie and others please log on to Clarissa's blog. :D THANKS!

anyway, it has been a loooooooong long time since i last saw the few of them. HAI! jean! you arh! always only meet up with us the day before you fly back. then poor her so sad. but don't be sad jean! cos with the advancement in technology, you can contact us ANYTIME you want :DDD (gosh, sounds like PW or GP :X)

anyway, with our WONDERFUL timetable, we were able to eat lunch OUT. as in SERIOUSLY OUT of Potong Pasir. for instance, we (the girls excluding Shimah and Sylvia cos they were too lazy) went to Crystal Jade at Toa Payoh for lunch today. :DD cool shit. MAYBE cos we ended class at 11am, and have to wait till 2.30pm for Geog Lect -___________-

anyways, today is only the THIRD day of school and we have tons of homework piled up already :S