19 January 2007

had one of the most tiring PE lessons in this year man! we had shuttle-run training. by running, stop, invert cones, run, stop invert cones. GOSHHH i tell you, i ALMOST died! anyway, good thing is i manage to go back St Nicks for orange bowl and Popiah again! :D this time with Wan Jin and Fernie(who woke up late [not surprising] thus only met her for a short while)

anyway, met Na!! and all my other juniors! Eeshan, Denise, Clovie, Valentia, Abigail, Priscilla, Cheryl, Angeline and we even met HuiHui! AFTER SOOOO LONG! gosh! miss her like hell! still remember those good old days when we just go down for YCS meetings and end up complaining ALL about our teachers, school work, family and any other problems. basically she was one good listening ear for us to vent our frustrations. but, after asking her, YCS meetings are still the same. YCS is still a place for relaxation :DD

anyway, another thing that made me quite happy or rather AMUSED was during geog tutorial. HAHAHAHAHA! my gosh! today 06S24 have a new found classmate! a brand new addition! new BIMBO in the house!!! MY GOODNESSSS! and the bimbo is none other than Lynette Leong! goshhhh! can check out the bimbotic story of lynette from Clar's blog. rather lazy to type. haha! but it's DAMN funny! i think that will be the joke that will be remembered for life. AWWWW poor thing! sorry lynette! but somethings just cannot be forgotten!

alrighty, i'm gna slp now. (if not i'll get REAL bad eyebags) HAHAHAHA. doesn't that sound familiar TANKY?