16 January 2007

had three hours of tutorial STRAIGHT today!!! tomorrow is worse! FOUR straight HOURS! and if not for shimah's sweets, her "predict-your-future" game, nonsense talking blah blah blah. i would have DIED! so we played the "predict-your-future" game during math lect to kill time, cos vectors was killing us :S and guess wht? i'm SOOOOO fated with Adam Chen!!! :DDD firstly, i am gonna marry him in future :) shimah played the game, and i was suppose to end up with him :)) and after the WHOLE game, we came to a conclusion that i will end up with Adam Chen!! :))) hahaha!

but don't worry, i'll still stay loyal to my Elvin Ng :] awwwww. can't wait for the nine o'clock show. ha! but i dread the time AFTER that. cos there's ECONS TEST tmr! :X and as the econs rep think i'm suppose to ace the subject? oh GIMME a break. i TOTALLY failed the math test yesterday. got a pathetic 2.5 out of 20? while dearest clarissa topped the class (why am i not surprised?) with 16 marks! hai, i guess sometimes god just isn't fair. :( but it's alright! it's only the first test this year! gosh! i really needa pull up my socks!!! -_____________-

alright, now i think i better go study econs :\