27 January 2007

wahh, i'm exhausted. had band prac from 1000 to 1430 today. well, we were suppose to start at 10, but as usual, it dragged. and i think we OFFICIALLLY started at 11? well, it's alright. then after that we had SOMEWHAT a break before we performed for SAS Passing Out Parade, which is now called Graduation and Promotion Parade cos someone really passed out during POP. haha, so yeah. we performed, then the ceremony started officially.

the ceremony was rather cool as it was my first or rather second time watching POP. sylvia and i had quite a lot of comments though. haha, laughing at some rather cute comments made by people around us. haha!

after the ceremony we had a short reception then it was followed by a mini concert put up by SAJS, SAS SYF and non-SYF band and lastly the evening ended with Saints Alumni band. it was quite an eye-opener. i think we're seriously the ONLY school in Singapore that can have this whole Primary to Alumni thing. haha, yeah. and we can so expect more of such joint events in future.

however, i'm really tired after moving ALL our perc instruments from SAJC to SAS and back to SAJC again. but thanks to some band members who helped out. yeah, saved us quite a lot of trouble. :) so yeah, i just got home and kinda just ate my dinner. which was like 3 pieces of cheese biscuits and a cup of milk tea. haha, cos my meal time is quite screwed up considering i had LUNCH at four in the afternoon? but it's alright. i'm pretty sure i can survive. haha.

anyway, think i should rest early. still lotsa work to be done tmr :S