12 January 2007

went back to St. Nicks for lunch and visiting yesterday, during our FIVE and HALF hours break!!! i SOOOOOO enjoyed myself. and TRUST ME! st nicks is still the BEST! trash SA flat man!!! i mean it's cheap and good! haha! and the people made it better! love you guys! went back with Fernie, Clar and Sichen. and we met MANY MANY teachers. like Piang Piang(Mr Gan), Mrs Sherwood, Mrs Lily Tan, Ms Tan Shuwei, Mrs Gurong, Ms Choo Teck Chan. also not forgetting our orange bowl uncle, mian xian uncle and auntie! :D

here are some photos! wait till i get more from clar!

OUR St Nicholas canteen. the best canteen in Singapore :DDD

WHOO! hot toast!

Mian Xian Aunty!

PiangPiang! Our beloved Mr Gan, Physics teacher who likes to go "Yes, No Ger?"

my Bestie and our dearest juniors :D

more to come! anticipate! and meanwhile, lemme show you my LOVES :DDD

MY Elvin Ng! :))))

MY nephew, George. (who according to Fernie, looks like Elvin Ng) i mean, DUH they're equally cute :DD) hahhaa! i'll wait for him to grow up to look like elvin ng man! hahahha!

but anyway, those are my dreams and dreams will only be dreams. so yeah. but sometimes it feels pretty good to be in a dream, stay away from reality. cos reality is cruel. :\

anyway, maybe i should really do some work :S but i'm TIREDDDDD! and muscle aches EVERYWHERE! bcos of PE yesterday :\\\\ haiiiii. and TWO tests on monday, Econs and Math lect test :S

but it's alright! shall look forward to next THURSDAY for more good food! and mian xian aunty promised to keep fried food for us. YIPPEEE! :]