22 January 2007

WOW, after a weekend of NO INTERNET i just realised how important internet is to us. hai, throughout the WHOLE weekend, i was stuck at home with NO INTERNET access. GOSH! it was HORRIBLE! and sooo many interest things happened. haha! (refering to Clar and Shimah's blogs. haha! anyway, i'm just DAMN glad my internet is back now!!! after calling singnet technical support. haha! after going through a series of setting of the internet thingy, realised might be my telephone cord wasn't plug in fully. haha! oops! well, i'll learn my lesson. hehe!

anyway, had PE today. even though it was Monday BLUUUUUUUEEES. :( eeeeek! ran like EIGHT FREAKING ROUNDS! did circuit. like 4X200m. :S vomit blood arh! train so hard for what? girls also no needa serve NS. :\

but it's alright lah. KEEP FIT :D

alrighty, gotta go now. SERIOUS business to do ;)