25 February 2007

busy busy weekend again. only return home at night since friday. had sectionals then dinner with the seniors, or rather moses and joo yeow. haha. anyway, sat had band prac too. then hung out suppose to watch movie, but we ended up in Bishan Junction 8 thanks to Garnesh. haha! then Zhiqi and Ben Thia went to Moses' house while i went home cos i figured i should practise violin. so yeah :) i'm so guai!

today went for the 11am mass in church, and i made a new friend today! :D hehe. came home for lunch then went to Bishan CC to meet Fernie, Eeshan, Denise, Clovie, Wan Jin, Desiree, Dickson for Music Fest dance practice. then came home at about 7plus.

all my tutorials are left UNTOUCHED :X so is my violin, poor thing. haha! anyway, gonna watch my Naruto first! hehe.