12 February 2007

had an extremely busy weekend. but it was fun! :) met up with my beloved friends to celebrate Amos' 18th birthday!

here is our birthday boy with his present from Fernie, Ree and I.

anyway, really missed them! ahhhhh! it's like we have to wait till someone's birthday to meet up. gosh! how busy can we get man?! anyway, we had the most CHACHA lan sai birthday celebration ever! thanks to one of the AH PEKS of our clique, Ronald Chan Yong Jie! who so brilliantly suggested coffeeshop! GOSH! cheapo or what? Fernie actually suggested Giraffe Cafe, the one at Istana Park. WALAO! then someone complain too expensive. NVM! we shall all go there for dinner on valentines' day with all the lonely hearted. haha! and enjoy ourselves! :P

anyway, this is us at Beach Road :)

Left to Right: Shan, Amos, Me, Gareth, Alvan, Fernie, Ree

then after dinner we walked, then took bus to Bugis :) haha, shopped around for a while then gotta go home. before we left, look what these naughty boys did

HAHA! is was hilarious! all thanks to Alvan Quek who started it. haha!

anyway,before the celebration Shimah and i went to do CIP in Hougang :) went around a few blocks near Punggol CC to collect newspapers :) it was quite a good experience :) at least this CIP is not those typical boring type. it was quite fun in fact. haha! thanks shimah! for coming ALL the way from Jurong East to Hougang. sorry to have made you wait for me yesterday! anyway, i've rushed down from church immediately after service ended. hehe! we had fun too right?! after all those talking ;) haha! anyway, it's a good thing you didn't pon school today lah! though it wasn't really a good day for Shimah, after vomiting during PE during the run. gosh, poor thing. take care of yourself k! :)

anyway, think i better get going now. TATA!