10 February 2007


sorry i didnt wish you on my blog yesterday cos i reached home at 1am. :X and had to wake up at 0630 today. so yeah. sorrry. but nvm! i'm glad you enjoyed your birthday celebration and liked your WONDERFUL bday gift frm S24 :)

well, if you're wondering what the hell i was doing till 1am. hehe. went for SAJC alumni band concert at VCH yesterday night. after sectionals. then waited for them to clear VCH, moved the instruments to the truck. hung around outside VCH taking photos and stuff. then at about 2245 joo yeow decided to ask us (the SAJC percussionists) to join them for supper after they move everything back to SAS. so smart us(zhiqi, reb and i) agreed. the rest went home. hehe. so we were stood throughout the entire ride back to school. after that we waited for them at the SAJS canteen for like COW LONG. haha! until we FINALLY left for Macs it was already 12am. so yeah, had my FREE-OF-CHARGE oreo McFlurry :DD heehee. thanks jooyeow! then parents came to pick reb and i up. finally reached home at 1+am. by the time i bathed and all, it was already 2am. so yeah. HAD to slp, or rather i was FREAKING tired.

woke up at 0645 today to go school. had band exchange with St Pats and NYJC. well, it was OKAYY. but i think i screwed up my figure 28 :S as usual -_________- hai

ohhh, today was the movie screening of An Incovenient Truth, but Zhiqi, Moses and i went Bras Basah to buy drum skin and sticks. hehe! we bought a new snare drum skin! damn nice! now our snare looks nice and sounds nice! HEHE. hahahahha

oh, the exchage was pretty okay, thanks to Aunty Kenneth's haribos. if not i would have seriously dozed off. hehe.

anyway, Sylvia arh, rather random. she suddenly call me to ask if i'm free to go eat durian. haha! i WANT lah. but firstly, i'm too broke :X and secondly, i'm too tired after all that moving of instrument and little sleep. thirdly, i'm too full after dinner. fourthly, i have lotsa things to be done, e.g. my compre :\ so sorry sylvia! next time maybe! hehe. oh, in case you are wondering which sylvia i'm talking about. she's sylvia TONG, not sylvia TAN.

alrighty, i better hurry. then can sleep early. tmr's a LOOOONG day too :(