21 February 2007

its chinese new year! usual visiting and stuff. actually i really prefer christmas to chinese new year. cos it's rather sian to have those relatives that you see once a year all gathering and all you can do is sit there and stuff yourself with food and tv. :X

but the hongbao collection is the only thing that can make up for tht :D hehe. thankgoodness this year is a little more interesting. on the First day of Chinese New Year went to my brother's in-law's house, followed by my Jiu Jiu's house where all my distant relatives meet up. watched Thank You For Smoking and The Devil Wears Prada. it's a DAMN good show man! gotta catch it!

on Monday, stayed at home to do my work and practise violin :) then went over to Carol Jie Jie's house in the evening. met up with Fernie, Alvan, Amos, Gareth, Gabriel and his friends. it has been sooo long since i met up with them. haha! even my mom asked about gareth, say she havn't met "tht guy who stays near the church" for a loong time. too bad they had to leave early.

but no worries, cos they came to my house to bai nian the next day EARLY in the morning. well, not that early actually cos they ALL couldn't wake up. and Fernie (surprisingly) was the earliest. haha! my parents thought she really turned over a new leaf, but in actual fact, she could arrive on time because she didnt sleep at all! GOSH!

after that i went to meet S24 at Yishun MRT to go Sylvia's house to bai nian. and GOSH! as usual, i was the earliest. had to stand there with my violin like some idiot. haha! so suay lah! and in the morning there was a car accident near my house and caused a jam. i had to walk ALL the way out to the main road to take bus :X

thanks sylvia for letting us go your house to bai nian! and thanks for all the good food! after lunch, went to Trixie's house. but it was a pity i had to leave for violin lesson shortly after we lao yu sheng.

thanks 06S24 for making my CNY a little more interesting. thanks Darryl for TRYING your best to keep the conversations going to make more noise. thanks Nic for letting me play with your hamster. haha! thanks Rojaks for waiting for me to come just to lao yu sheng. sorry for the long wait! cos of a misfortune at Sylvia's house. poor Casper lost his brand new Nike white shoes which was left outside sylvia's house. TERRIBLE TERRIBLE thief! we came out with a theory that maybe the thief wanted to steal Clarence's shoe, but when he couldn't find the other side he gave up and took Casper's instead. haha! gosh!

anyway, i'm really tired now. think i was suppose to do geog and math. but FORGET IT. sleep is the most important thing now.