02 February 2007

phewww, this week finally came to an end. i must say it has been a looong week. with cross-country going on and CCA after that. looong and tiring week :X but it's still fun nevertheless :D cos cross-country wasn't as bad as i thought it will be. 3.5km was quite okay. maybe it's cos we're running on flat ground. a much easier terrain compared to macritchie. haha! and thankgoodness there're the ever supportive class girls like Kylie, Shimah, Rachel. after cross-country we went PS for lunch. haha! for the FIRST time i tried the indonesian food stall. the stall which ALL the guys including Alvan, Gareth they all always buy from. cos EVERYTIME we go there for lunch, the queue's always too long for me. so i wont buy from that stall. but wednesday was EXCEPTIONALLY empty, cos MAYBE MAYBE only, all the other students are still schooling. and it wasn't official office lunch time yet. hehe!

anyway, i'm starting to LOVE thursdays. :D well, i'm suppose to be sianns about the five and half hours break. but i find it pretty good as well. well, it gives us time to shower after a good workout ;) then go out for a GOOD lunch. hehe! which we had at Pizzahut yesterday. haha! the student meal and company was GREAT!!! :)

we found out a few secrets! hehe.

went back for Geog Tut at 1630 -________- thankgoodness time passed quite quickly. went home right after that. waited for the bus with Leonard for like FREAKING longggg. almost DIED. then when the first 147 came, it was TOO crowded to even get onto the bus :S so no choice, we had to wait for another 147. thankgoodness there's Lynette's stupid, lame, self-centred comments and praises. if not i would have suffocated in the 147 that passed soooooo many places. HAHAHAA!

okay lah, think i should hurry start on the geog assignment :( nighties!