17 February 2007

this week was really busy for me. that explains why my blog was stagnant for a week. hehe. sorry for those who keep checking my blog everyday but only to find the same old stuff. haha! anyway, lemme tell everyone about my exciting week! hehe!

had a wonderful Valentines' Day in school this year! though i didn't received as much gifts and candy as when i was in St Nicks. but i'm still pleased =) i was pleasantly surprised when i got Kinder Bueno from Clarence, Darryl and Leonard. 06S24's Class Rep, Treasurer and Asst. Class Rep respectively. haha! i really didn't expect to get anything from the guys. haha! so thank you dears! so mainly it was the GIRLS who exchanged the gifts and candies! so THANK YOU ALL YOU LOVELY LADIES OF S24! :))

after school still had band :X hahaha, but we ended early :D met up with all the Lonely Hearts at Outback at Millenia Walk. who consists of Fernie, EeShan, Wan Jin, Theresa, Dickson, Sherwin, Denise, Clovie, John, Benjamin, Donavan. haha! it was fun to have dinner with you people! hehe.

here's our group photo

i reached home that night at about 11+ 12 i think. insufficient sleep please. that explains why i didn't come online the whole week. cos all i could think of when i reach home is SLEEP X) hahaha.

thursday, we had CNY rehearsal till late as well. hahaha. nothing much. i basically only went school for assembly and PE. haha, had inter-class softball with 07S11 AGAIN. and we won, AGAIN. hehe! hahahaha.

friday, was CNY celebration. i had to wake up at 0530!! in order to reach school by 7am. gosh! and according to the band room clock i was 8 min late!!! WTH. my hp clock was only 0702 k! :P i don't care. anyway, we played some Golden Snake Rhapsody with CO played too. but thankgoodness at the last min, some of us thought of some impromptu things which made our performance more enjoyable (i hope). haha! like waving butterflies, hearts and stars during Fairytale; shouting Gong Xi Fa Cai during Gold Snake. thankgoodness we ended with Jupiter in Pop Style. if not our reputation will SERIOUSLY be tarnished. hahaha!

anyway, went out for section outing at Fish&Co at Dhoby Ghaut after that :)) love my section!

Oh! before we set off for Fish&Co, we celebrated Rebecca & Regina's birthday in the band room. bought them a "fish cake" hahaha! more like fish jelly. cos Nian2 Nian2 You3 Yu2 :)

anyway, after eating our fill, we went to walk around PS then decided to go Vivo. haha, cos we realised PS is too boring. haha!

went to Harbourfront cos some people actually wanted to go sentosa. but due to popular demand or rather majority objection we set foot in Vivo City. we ended up at the roof garden, sitting, stoning, playing with water. haha! pigging out.

look at our farmers

after some people left, we left the roof garden too cos it started drizzling. so walked around, window shopping, and taking photos!

look at my cute/handsome boy

and our models of the day

decided to catch Ghost Rider after that. but sadly, Wanling couldn't join us. so left Zhiqi, Dominic, Ben Thia and I.

HAHA! look at Mr. Horrified hiding behind the chairs in the theater!

the show was GREAT! our $9.50 was totally worth it! :)

went home after that. to SLEEP. hehe.

that's all for my week now. so a very HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEARS' EVE! :DD