07 February 2007

wahhh, i tell you i ABHOR projects of ANY sort! :\ projects are just the death of me man!!!!

especially when you have to do a project on something you don't even understand :X hai, but thankgoodness for the five and half hours break tmr :D we are planning to churn out the ppt and report(hopefully) by tmr. hehe!

actually i do feel a little incompetent as a group leader. well, i NEVER liked being a group leader of projects. if it's camps or for games purpose i'm still fine with it. but for project is just -________-

oh well, after this week will be less stressful. but not necessary actually. cos there's something else to stress about NEXT week :S hahaha! and this weekend i'm TOTALLY busted.

Friday night there's SAJC Alumni Band Concert. Saturday there's exchange program with NYJC till 5pm. Sunday there's CIP till 5pm too. WOW. i very have time to shop and make presents lah. HOW HOW HOW? can someone spare me their extra time? but actually even if i get the extra time besides the 24-hours i doubt i have the energy to last through it. hehe. i'm such a pig. but it's really tiring lah! especially after a day of FOUR STRAIGHT HOURS of tutorial :( JUST KILL ME!

alright, think i better go slp now. still gotta last till 1730 tmr!