02 March 2007

CONGRATULATIONS BEN for achieving your A A B! to PEACE for A1 in GP! to EUGENE for achieving FOUR straight As!! and also to many others who did well for As! :D

so the J2s who graduated last year came back today to collect their A level results. and CAN YOU IMAGINE!? one year later will be our turn -____________-

and oh gosh! i must say some of them really changed sooo much i can't even recognise them! haha! gosh! anyway, after that Ms Ho talked to the J2s of 2007 and sort of like nagged us about studying. GOSH! i really hope our batch will be able to improved SA's standard. cos right now, we've dropped below NYJC :X goshh.

so after all that talk made by Ms Ho, Eugene and Andrew, i was rather motivated to study! yes! someone pls constantly remind me of my ultimate goal! now my new aim is to for my name to be mentioned in front of the J2s next year! hehe! :DD

hope that's not too much to aim for. anyway, i always believe in aiming high and working hard! but the problem is i gotta start working hard from now onwards! even for BT1! gosh! someone PLS nag me and encourage me!!! okay! tht's it! i gotta start after Music Fest tmr.

oh, speaking about YCS Music Fest. it is held at Catholic High School Auditorium
03 March 2007, Saturday

anyway, i really hope tomorrow's program will run smoothly. :\ anyway, gotta wake up super early which is normal school day timing cos we gotta practice our batch piece for concert. then set off for SCH to watch St. Pats rehearse for SYF. gosh! then i gotta rush down to Cat High. AHHHHH gonna be a busy weekend again. but at least it's the weekend already :)

alright, i should really start on my GP presentation research now.