06 March 2007

history was made today when tremors from the earthquake in Sumatra shook the whole SAJC. it was during physics tutorial when i first felt the tremors. at first, i thought i was experiencing headache for the first time thus i felt giddy. but after about five seconds i was still spinning. and the table was shaking from left to right. then after another five seconds i realised everyone in class felt the same thing. well, except some thick-skinned, insensitive person who didn't feel BOTH times. haha! even Ms Tan our physics tutor thought it's just her. so after abit of murmuring, we continued with our lesson. until 20min to the end of the lesson an announcement was made over the PA system for ALL students in classrooms and LTs to evacuate onto the track. WOAH! seriously, i was pretty excited at first cos this is the first time we're evacuating due to earthquake tremors rather than FIREDRILL. hehe. so yeah, went onto the track for about 5min then got dismissed back to class. DAMN. everything was fine until break time, after i bought my chicken cutlet. suddenly, everything started to sway. the ground was unstable, lights in the cafe were swaying. this time everyone automatically started walking to the track. and we stood on the field cos this is a Level Three tremors which EVERYONE is suppose to be outdoors. so yeah, after standing for about 5min we sat down at the semi-d area. and shortly after that, they announced that NO MORE lessons for the day! YESSSSS! you should have seen the JOY in all of us! hehe. missed TWO freaking hours of GP. :DDD

so i happily da pao-ed my chicken cutlet ALl the way to harbourfront pastamania. i was SERIOUSLY starving on the way there. was so pissed that the stupid quake spoilt my lunch. but anyway, met Donavan and Adeline there. :) stupid Don told me he's out with his gf. CHEYS.

anyway, i seriously hope there's such thing as donating time. so i can get more time than other people. cos after talking to Donavan today, i realised he has soooooo much time to spare he finished watching SOOO many dramas, and is still bored. :X while here i am, struggling to juggle EVERYTHING and pack my busy schedule in such a way i can complete many things in the few short hours everyday after school :\

i was suppose to practise violin today after i come home, in preparation for my upcoming concert on 18 March 2007 which is held at Esplanade but i have no idea is it just the recital studio or it's in the concert hall. WAHHH! but either places it's cool enough. hehe. tickets are priced at $20, free seating. anyway, so that's one of the goals i have to achieve - memorise my ENTIRE Bach Fugue which is like 5min long by then. :\

Next, have to complete a GP compre by thursday. and tomorrow night gna reach home late too. due to band prac. so -_______- suppose to at least complete all the short questions and summary.

and there's also another goal to meet by Friday. which is to play semiquavers steadily at a target speed set by ourselves. but, actually i havn't told Zhiqi my targeted tempo. so hmmm, but i'm hoping i can hit 165 at least. but -_________-. TIME is needed for me to practise! so if only i can practise violin, do my GP and practise sticking all at once :\ but duh, it's IMPOSSIBLE. adding to all these, there'e Block Test 1 coming up in like TWO weeks? and gosh! i really donno how am i gna study when i gotta prepare for the concert and SYF! AHHHH! and when i know NUTS about physics and math! GOSH! someone should really take BT1 for me! :X:X:X:X:X:X

anyway, okay! i better go prac violin now. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! i can't seem to memorise the piece!!!!!!! -____________-