17 March 2007

i'm so proud of myself! i just completed the entire Hana Kimi serial! gosh! i'm soooo in love with Yu Ci Lang and Xiu Yi! gosh! they're damn cute! hahaha. and it's such a sweet love story. haha. but well, it's rather unbelievable in real life. but well, it's just a drama. haha! anyway, i think Ella's very cute too!

i feel so contented as well. but after enjoying myself the WHOLE week. seriously the WHOLE week. cos tomorrow's saturday already! oh gosh! someone please nag me to study! i really gotta start practising my math man :X

just had a PraAdta outing yesterday! went to have dinner at Cafe Cartel at Raffles City. walked to Suntec to take neoprint and buy Royce chocolates :D WOWWWWW! Royce is SERIOUSLY heavenly! then we walked to TCC to have dessert. hehe. photos not up yet though. cos clar havn't send me. so yeah. shall update next time after i get the photos. oh goshhhh! just realised i really really miss them ALOT! JEANN!!! must let us know when you receive the parcel okay? it has been VERY long since we've mailed it lah!! :\ haha!

alrighty almighty! i think i should get some sleep now. and gosh. tomorrow's the last day i can practise my violin before my concert :S