16 March 2007

just came back from YCS March Camp. it was tiring, but not bad. just that we missed the musical fountain performance cos of the rain :X hai, but well. overall, it was okay. i TRIED to study in the camp. but to no avail. hehe. well, at least now i made new friends :) and eyecandy. hehe. look at the boy that desiree and i find cute :)

he's the one on the right, Gabriel :) we found out that he was from our chinese catechism school VERY long ago. hehe. no wonder i found him very familiar. haha!

anyway, i think i should keep my entry short. cos i wanna watch Hana Kimi! i realise i can't concentrate on my studies until i finish watching the whole series. and i'm at episode 12 now! so YES! gna chiong now. haha!