23 March 2007

today is the last paper of BT1! :D physics paper. though i screwed it upside down, inside out. but i'm just TOTALLY happy and overjoyed that i'm done with BT1 :) besides, i caught TWO movies in a row :) hehe! watched Mr Bean's Holiday with my class at Vivo City and caught Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles with Fernie and Dickson at Plaza Sing. hehe! gosh! feels DAMN good to watch movie after SUCH a long while. and Mr Bean is SERIOUSLY hilarious! my favourite scene was when he tried to busk for money. and gosh! think my latest addition to my love is Michaelangelo! he's just soo adorable and funny! haha!

another happy thing was the success of my concert. though there are some wrong chords/notes here and there. i still managed to pull it off :D so proud of myself. hehe. cos the good thing about performing a Bach Fugue is there is NO piano accompaniment, so you can slow down or speed up according to your preference. and there's no reference of pitch. so can be slightly out of tune. HAHA! but well, the best part of the concert is that since it's held at Esplanade, i actually got to see the costumes and artists of Phantom of the Opera!!!! how cool is that man? i mean ONLY the costumes and props of the musical are enough to overwhelm you! GOSH! and can't wait for tomorrow! i'm gonna watch is LIVE at Esplanade Theatre! WOOHOOOO!!!

anyway, i realised even though BT1 ended, it doesn't mean our studying and mugging stops here :\ gosh. this sucks! i really want this year to come to an end quickly! but yet i want to stay at this stage of my life. in the sense i dwna go to uni cos i dwna face the reality of GROWING UP and becoming an adult :X

so i'm quite thankful that i went to JC instead of poly. cos after analysing the pros and cons, i realise it's still better for ME to go JC. hehe. here's the list:

1. MUCH cheaper school fees in JC compared to polys cos it's subsidised by govt.
2. CHEAPER bus fares when you are a college student.
3. MOOOOOORE money saved from buying clothes/accessories/shoes since you only need at most 3 sets of school uniform and many many school shirts and FBTs to last you through the two years.
4. however, JC has MUCH lesser holidays. and our holidays are as good as NO HOLIDAYS! considering the fact that holidays for us are meant for STUDYING. :X which sucks.
5. EVERYTHING is jam packed into TWO SHORT YEARS.

but, i still feel saving money is rather important. or should i say? i think i'm just not a poly person. waking up everyday and worry about what to wear? i don't think i can handle that. HAHA! i'll rather do the same old routine everyday. haha! which i MIGHT start to miss when i get into university. haha.

anyway, i just found out something which made me REALLY MAD @(#&(&@$(&!#!@#~#&^#$(@ gosh! can ask me directly if you wanna know what it is. and maybe all you girls out there should start to be more careful. yeah.

anyway, i think it's time i go to bed. since i still have band practice tomorrow. oops hehe.