15 April 2007

just ended band camp today. though it's not as tiring as the one last december. but it sure tired me out too. after spring cleaning the ENTIRE band room. especially cleaning and packing the section drawers. :X gosh.

anyway, Zhi Qi sprained her back while trying to drag the platform away to make space for our sleeping bags. and now she's in pain. gosh, THANK YOU ZHIQI! and may you have a speedy recovery! don't worry k! i'm sure you'll be JUST FINE for concert and SYF :) cos i'll pray extra hard for you! :D

anyway, this band camp is seriously like an alarm suddenly ringing VERY loudly beside your ear and it's really a warning to us that it's high time we turn on our SYF mode. so C'MON EVERYBODY! let's ALL CHIONG towards our ultimate goal!!!! :DD we can do okay! i'm sure we'll pull through! c'mon percussion section! we gotta be steady pom pi pi! WOOHOOOOOO!!! GO GO GO!

and ALL THE BEST TO SASMB!!! who will be facing the panel of judicators for SYF tmr morning! and i really hope and wish that they'll return with a Gold with Honours. GO SAS KIDS!

GOOD LUCK TO SAJC GUITAR ENSEMBLE TOO! go kylie! don't be too disappointed k! just perform your best :)

and alrighty, suppose to rest after returning from camp, but came online instead :X

these three days i felt like i was confined and quarantined -____- like lost touch with the outside world. HAHA. but well, it's alright. tmr is back to normal life. i really miss those normal days and normal times when i can just hang out with my class. but i know and keep telling myself that this is SYF period! and i really hope the situation will become better and that i can have those enjoyable times with my class again :(