05 April 2007

practising in a NON-air-conditioned band room with 80 people's body heat radiating and trapped in the small room is NO JOKE. it sucks. thanks to sylvia's brilliant idea of using the Geisha fans we used last year for Saints Ascencio it kinda lessen our suffering. but seriously, we can advertise band like this : Join Band if you wanna lose weight! You can burn calories while playing an instrument!

haha, i think the heat probably drove us crazy. today Jasmine and I were making a fool of ourselves by singing along to her triangle tune. haha! and our PhD holder in Cabasa, Jasmine Chiam was teaching me how to do a cabasa roll. and boy, it is not easy man. haha!

anyway, reached home at 9+pm yesterday and today. :X cos of band prac. well, should go sleep soon. since tomorrow's is Good Friday and gotta go church. hai, sad day tmr. thank God for sacrificing his only Son to die for us. :)

i should really be thankful of what Jesus had done for us in order for us to live till now. so yeah, i should really count my blessings. and yes! LIVE A HAPPY LIFE BER! even though things might seem tough now. i know i can pull through! :D cos i've still got friends and family! :) YESSSSS!!!!