18 April 2007

today is Ben&Jerry's free ice-cream cone day! :D wheeee! met up with Bestie, Desiree, Dickson and Kai at The Cathay after my violin lesson today :) though i waited for like more than half hour. it was worth it! :DDD my Strawberry Cheesecake ice-cream! and many many hours talking to them :)

Kai, Dickson and Ree

Dickson, Ree and Fnee on the esclator

so yeah! today was a happy day! hopefully tmr will be fine! even though i gotta write a FULL LENGTH GP essay in class :X and there's gna be band. sadness :\

i really felt so sad and depressed for SASMB. but hai, c'mon. must be STRONG! be a man!!! results are not the end of the world! as long as you know you all did your best! :)

anyway, my mouse's battery is running low. i better log off. hehe.