08 April 2007

Band Orientation
Pasir Ris Park
Station Master with Sylvia
stationed next to Zhi Qi and Lynette
waiting for groups to come was boring
but quite fun if the groups were enthu
food was good
percussion camped beside the pit and ate our fill, as usual ;)

this is the result of laziness.

went to Sao Mu with my family
first woke up at 0730 to attend 0915 mass at Church of St Anthony
after mass, visited the columbarium where my granny's (dad's mom) ashes are placed at. the FUNNIEST thing that happened this entire week occurred there! cos were were suppose to sprinkle holy water after praying and my mom used a 500ml 100plus bottle to collect the holy water. so common sense tells you you have to use your fingers to cover the hole then sprinkle. my FABULOUS grandma took the bottle and PISH- without covering the hole. so instead of just sprinkling water, she practically gave my granny a SHOWER! GOSH! my bro, sis-in-law and i BURST OUT LAUGHING IMMEDIATELY! it was HILARIOUS! seriously! my bro had to use tissue to dry the entire area. cos she even wet my granny's neighbours. gave all of them a good bath. she used up half the bottle of holy water -_______- goodness.

after that we went out and realised that our car got blocked.
so we gotta wait for another hour for the 11am mass to end :S happiness.
our whole family just sat in the air-conditioned canteen (thankgoodness) and waited for time to pass :X
thankgoodness for my ipod, which i so kindly shared with my brother. hehe.

finally at 1230, we set off for lim chu kang, to visit my grandfathers.

reached my mom's dad first, who's buried at the christian cemetery.
prayed for him.
lit 6 candles for him
gave him some showers of blessing
drove off to my dad's dad side
at the chinese cemetery
prayed for him
lit candles
sprinkled holy water
the people nearby must have been wondering what the hell we were doing. cos usually people who go there to bai bai will burn incense, money and what not. haha!

anyway, went to Pan Pacific Hotel for lunch at Hai Tian Lou after everything.
and it feels GREAT to eat there again after such a looong while. while having a good view over IR and the new ferris-wheel. hehe. though nothing much to see cos they're still under construction. food was FANTABULOUS! :D hehe. love the spicy and sour soup! and the dessert, lemon serbet with aloe vera and gui ling gao cubes :)

anyway, think i should sleep soon. in order to face TMR. :X
how i wish mondays will NV come. we should just skip mondays! arhhhhhhhhh! especially when there's PE in the afternoon and it's gonna be NAPFA training. or NAPFA :O and adding to that there's H1!!!! i'm really starting to dread H1! due to certain reasons, like the lecturer... gosh -____-

but no matter what i still gotta wake up in another six hours and face the world :\