24 May 2007

CONGRATULATIONS to the Saints Bowling Team! :D

our Boys have fought well and retain their champion position :DD our Girls fought hard and well too and achieved Third! goodness, the game was DAMN exciting! especially at the end when there was only AC and us left, with RJ by the side (in their own world). haha! well, it was terribly amusing to see all their "striking" poses. haha! especially Leonard. so yes! Congrats to Leonard, Darryl and Hoyun! 06S24 loves you all! and we'll always support you all! oh, and congrats to Leonard for being chosen to represent Team Singapore Schools in the upcoming competition.

on a not so happy note, our Boys soccer team lost to VJ, BUT NVM GUYS! i'm sure you all have fought VERY hard and persevere right till the end! :) our Girls hockey team lost to VJ too :( but PRESS ON SAINTS! as long as you've all played your best. you can live with no regrest :]

and also to guys of 06S24 who took part in the inter-class street soccer competition! don't be too upset k! :)) even though you all may not have won, in my heart you guys are GREAT! and as long as you all had fun together, it doesn't matter at all if you guys have gotten the title, or $60 pizza voucher. ;)

to Fernie, Bestie! i miss you so much!!! hurry sail your way home now!!! can't wait to see you again, talk to you, go shopping with you, watch movie with you. though we got to study :X but oh wells, thanks for being my listening ear whenever i'm down. YESS! think POSITIVE is the way of life! and i will PRESS ON okay. :)) no matter how hard it is. :\ i love you friend! must hurry come back and share your interesting stories about your cruise trip with me k! hehe ;))