27 May 2007

finally went swimming with Fernie today! haha, feels GREAT! :DD though actually we didn't swim much. it's the catching up and company that rocks! haha. that pantat woke up late. she woke up half an hour AFTER the time we were suppose to meet. but thankgoodness, for my LOOONG mass thanks to Fr Tay. haha i didn't have to wait at the busstop like an idiot. anyway, went for lunch with my family first then went home. and still had time to laze around before picking her up from hougang interchange. haha! it just shows how freaking far Bukit Merah is from Hougang. haha!

after picking her up from Hougang Interchange, went over to Gareth's house. haha, it has been SOOO long since we went there. but his room hasn't changed abit, other than maybe it got messier? :P and the disgusting orange, ultra-dusty carpet has been removed from his room. haha! and the addition of many many trophys and awards of which some do not belong to him. haha! so while we were swimming Mr Gareth Tan was just wasting his beautiful sunday afternoon away by sleeping? gosh. haha.

after the swim, went to shower than hung around his room for a while. watch him play his (boring looking) computer game while fernie and i talk. hehe. left at 1720 cos Mr Tan has to go church. haha!

anyway, i'm so proud of myself :) finally packed ALL my papers and notes into the different files. hehe. YES! i've really gotta study HARD this hols. must enjoy AND study at the same time. hehe. more of the study, i hope. :D