01 May 2007

so many things happened, too lazy to blog. hehe. :X

27 April, Saturday
Bach to the Beat was a success! :D a big thank you to those people who came down to support us :) THANK YOU Peace for your orange roses ; Michael for your sunflower ; Dominic and Ben Thia for the gift-a-name "Perkies" ; SAS Perc for the Cadbury Chocolates ; Joo Yeow for the Royce Chocolates ; Lilian for your note and home-made cookies ; for everyone else who helped us during this period :))

i would proudly say Bach to the Beat ROCKED the house with our wonderful (though last minute) gimmicks and repertoire. hehe! the concert seemed to pass damn quickly when it seemed like AGES and YEARS that we took to prepare for it. :X haha! well, sad to say that's the LAST time that we(the J2s) will be performing publicly with SAJC band. hopefully we can have fun again and rock da house at Presentation Night :D hehe.

right now, we gotta put in 120% of our effort and energy on Rhapsody and Safari now! YESSSSSSSSS! we're gonna send positive brainwaves to the judges on May 11 when we go on stage! :D hehe.

alright, enough of SAJC band concert.

30 April, Monday
had school as usual. but instead of PE, Mr Ho brought our whole class to VJC to support our soccer boys vs VJ :DDD i think like half the school went down. gosh! hahaha. no wonder they said we hired 14 buses to VJ. haha! then VJ got scared. they got their band members to bring bass drum, pails and bottles down to make noise. haha! well, even though we drew with VJC 1-1. the soccer boys fought hard for that! so GOOD JOB GUYS!!! :) don't be discouraged! PRESS ON! first half of the match was rather boring cos first half ended nil-nil. we scored the first goal after about 15min into second half. but, that goal was extremely short-lived. cos VJ scored within 10min after we scored :\ stupid corner kick -_______- oh wells, at least they perservered and defended with all their might till the end of the match! :) GO TEAM SAJC!!!

1 May, Tuesday
Labour Day Holiday :DDD woke up at 1215 hehe. ate my brunch, practised violin, went for violin lesson, got a haircut, bathed, went downstairs for dinner with my family and my uncle and aunty. hehe. now back. SHIT. gotta do my GP compre :\ AHHHH. what a holiday :( today's the opening of Spiderman 3 and i wanna watch!!! :(( guess i'll have to wait till aft May 11. alrighties. till then. think my blog will be quite stagnant. HA.