19 May 2007

wahh! i finally can blog :DDD hehe, sry that the SYF post is so lag :\ donno why i couldn't publish it for the past week. -_____-

nevertheless, better late than never :DD hehe. so yeah! sorry to keep you waiting!

anyway, ahhhhh! finally endured this LOOONG and tortorous and stressful week. firstly, we had Physic SPA and Geog Test on thursday, Math Lect Test on friday and just went back to school this morning for Physics Mock BT2 :X goshh. at least it's over now. :) heehee. can't wait to go back for Guitar Concert later! anyway, Kylie, dont worry k! just ENJOY yourself! anyway, concerts are for you to have fun! and the fun thing about performing arts is that you must always enjoy the music you perform for others :))

alrighty, yay! i'm happy agn! cos i can blog blog blog. haha!


sorry for this belated msg cos i didn't come online the past few days. and anyway, i couldn't blog. haha! anyway, good thing you're 18 now! i still have 4 months to go :( and yilyn! hope you liked your pleasant surprise! :)) and of cos we won't forget your birthday! 06S24 NEVER forgets anybody's birthday k! :]