19 June 2007

busy busy holidays ending soon :(( anyway, i forgot to mention

Last Wednesday, 13 June 2007
had dinner with some of my section mates along with Ganesh at Cafe Cartel at Marina Square. to treat Ganesh to dinner, for helping us throughout the preparation for SYF :)) so thank you Ganesh! and may you excel in your studies! bon voyage too! (though the journey's quite short since he's only going "next-door") haha! oh wells, i still havn't gotten the photos!!! cos Jasmine hasn't sent them to me :\

Thursday, 14 June 2007
lunch with Rojaks at Pariss International Buffet. which i have elaborated in the previous entry but i have no idea why it didn't appear :X

Saturday, 16 June 2007
Jenny and Kelvin's wedding at Church of the Holy Trinity. i woke up at like 7+ just to reach there by bus and foot at 0930 k. and SOME people who purposely went to stay over at Denn's house in Simei still reached late. HAHAHA. well, was suppose to go stayover too. but i was too lazy and tired. and suppose to study. hehe. anyway, CONGRATULATIONS TO JENNY and KELVIN! :)

ARGH. i can't upload the photos. pissed. nvm, shall upload them on Friendster. or else, just visit Fernie's Multiply site :D

Sunday, 17 June 2007
nothing much. didn't really celebrate Fathers' Day outside. mom cooked a simple lunch and that was quite it. haha, bought my dad a seat thingy for the car. haha! at least he's pleased i think. hehe.

Monday, 18 June 2007
woke up at 8am, wash up, breakfast, read papers, practised violin, went to Fernie's house to study with her and Ree. it was SLOW progress :( my head was bursting at about 5pm so we took a break and watched Oliver and company :) i LOOOOOVE Disney cartoons seriously! they're oh-so-cute!!! :DD hahaha. then didn't really study much after that. hehe. cos was dinner, then Campus Superstar. left at about 2115 to rush home to watch my 10pm Channel U show. tonight's the 2nd last episode! OMG! so exciting! i love HK dramas! haha. ;)

Today, 19 June 2007
pretty the same thing, woke up at 0830, blah blah blah. came online to blog. cos i've been lazy the past week :P haha. anyway, nothing much except for violin lesson later, then Fernie's RCIA Rite of Acceptance Meeting tonight at 8.30pm. gonna meet her and Ree to study at huisuo later, i guess. after my violin.

alrighty, i realised i have SOOOOOOOOOO much to study and time is seriously running out! AHHHH! i have soo much that i don't even know HOW, WHAT to do :\ ARGH. i'll pay for someone to take my As for me. HAHA. (if only there's such a thing)

okay, in case you're bored, do read Ronald's blog. haha, it's quite entertaining. he's just so funny :)