03 June 2007

CONGRATULATIONS to the 45th National YCS Exco!! who consists of Amos Liew, Denise Khoo, Clovie Peck, Angelina Han, Tan Yong Wen, Dickson Lai, Dominic Lee, Nicholas Long.

hope you all will keep your enthusiasm throughout the next year and always put in your best for YCS okay! do bring YCS to greater heights!! :)

alrighty, besides the YCS Annual General Meeting today, did a little math too :] then went SHOPPING with Fernie and Ree :DD window shopped ALOT since i didn't expect to go shopping, i only brought like $29? haha! bought a pair of cat earrings though :DD which costs $9. had dinner at Billy Bombers :DDD the best part is still the company lah. haha, after walking around for a while after dinner, met up with clovie. haha. hehe. tht stupid BIMBO. hahaha, she's HILARIOUS i tell you. she provides so much entertainment with her silliness. haha!

anyway, just watched Naruto 236 AWWWWW. Kakashi's soooo bloody handsome! and i dwan Gaara to dieeee! :((

haha, that was random. hehe, anyway, i'm tired. though happy :D

happy too that i finally got my Birks! :))

alrighty, sleep now.