05 June 2007

went Suki Sushi for sushi buffet with Michael. haha! did something interesting, actually outta boredom lah. he dared me to exchanged one of the cream puffs on the conveyor belt with one of our leftover octopus. HAHA! and of cos Daring Ber did it! check this out

someone actually wanted to take THAT plate of cream puffs. haha! it was quite fun and funny to do such a thing. haha.

went shopping with Besties, Fernie and Ree :DD roamed Marina Square! whooo! i'm starting to LOVE Marina man. it's soooo big and nice! plus the Great Singapore Sale now. WOOHOO! i'm lovin' it! haha, even though that shopping trip was unplanned, thus i didn't bring much cash. only brought $29 which i spent every single cent of it. HAHA! spent $20 on Billy Bombers. we ate our fill.

bought a pair of cat earrings with my remaining nine bucks.

even though i didn't buy much but it was certainly a GREAT time spent :D haha, met up with Clovie after dinner. continued window shopping. saw some reeeeal good street performers. they performed some acoustic pieces, boy, their singing was DAMN good man. haha!

spent my lazy Sunday afternoon napping for 2 hours, practiced violin for 2 hours, shower, dinner, Pirates :D haha, i have NO IDEA why i was just sooo addicted to the show, even though i've watched it a 18327 times. haha! then i was too tired to do anything lah. HEHE.

went to school for Math the WHOLE day, starting from 11am. stayed in school all the way till Chinese Orchestra Concert. well, besides going out for dinner at KFC. haha. hmmm, concert was not bad. as in it wasn't as bad as i thought it would be. but it wasn't excellent either. a few hiccups here and there. unprofessionalism. :X but oh well, obviously can't compare to professionals. so yeah.

no violin lesson cos teacher's running high fever. woke up at 10am, brunch, violin practice, watched The Sound of Music. haha! another classic which i will NEVER EVER get sick of. i've watched it at least 123987324times too. ever since i was young. oh my goodness! i really like Julie Andrew's voice man!!! and all the kids in the show, they're oh-so-adorable! haha! alright alright. i just wasted another day doing unproductive stuff :\ okay. i should get back to my econs notes :X ARGH.