08 June 2007

went to school for physics consultation with Xiao Han. studied, went huisuo to meet Desiree and Fernie for RCIA. i think it's quite fun to go for RCIA with Fernie knw. haha. Sao Sao drove us home. THEN, the most unfortunate thing happened to me. being a Clumsy Bear, i was carrying so many books and file, i closed the door (thankgoodness i didn't SLAM the door) without knowing my thumb was still there, so TADA! i kiap-ed my thumb! AHHHHHH! it was DAMN painful. but i didn't dare to look. just keep rubbing my thumb with my left hand. then when i looked, there was this RATHER HUGE blue black under my nail. okay nvm. went home, mom applied some medicated oil on it. went to bathe. TAHAN TAHAN TAHAN. it was FUCKING pain lah. tried to sleep that night, i couldn't. :( for the FIRST time in my life i experience insomnia! :\ i woke up EVERY hour cos it was sooo Fing painful. i tossed and turned, walked around the house, popped 2 panadol for pain relief, sat on my rocking chair. but i JUST couldn't sleep. at 4am i suddenly woke up again. just now this time i received a msg. HAHA! who the hell will msg at 4am right? but oh wells, coincidences do happen. haha! thankgoodness for this person, i finally can tell someone about my pain :) and finally i fell asleep at almost 5 until about 8plus i think. yupp :DD

woke up, washed up, breakfast. finally cannot tahan the pain anymore i decided to go see my family doctor. OH GOODNESS. when i see the doctor, after one look she told me it's very painful cos there's no way for my blood to escape so all the blood's trap underneath my nail. THAT EXPLAINS THE FUCKING PAIN :X alright, then she started preparing a lamp, a needle blah blah blah. i got scared. i was like huh? she said gotta make a way for the blood to flow out. OH MY GOODNESS. -_____-" well, she said that THIS wouldn't be more painful than what i am experiencing now (which is the pressure caused by the blood trapped within)

so she sterilised a needle(which was more like a paper clip which she straightened out), heat it up with the flame. AHHHHHH! i didn't dare to look. but i still did, cos i was curious about what she's doing. :P then finally when the needle is burning red, she pressed it into my nail, creating a hole. and WHOOOSH! all the blood SPURT out from that hole. and some of the blood are like DARK RED. OH GOSH. sickkkk :S like seriously damn alot of blood lah. no wonder the blue-black damn freaking big!!! AHHHHHHH. finally, some form of relief lah. after allowing most of the blood to flow out, she wrapped my thumb up in gauze and tape. then off i go :)

after braving through an adventurous morning, i still met up with Felicia for SHOPPING nevertheless. hehe. anyway, there's nothing much i can do besides shopping yesterday. cos i couldn't hold a pen, nor could i practice violin. HAHA. so it IS a blessing in disguise somehow. haha.

so went shopping with her! yay! after soooo long, i FINALLY bought myself some clothes. bought 2 tops from Mango and Zara and 2 polo tees :)) couldn't find my skirt or jeans :( very tempted to buy the grey Mango capris though! AHHHH! but it's $85 lah :((( haiiii. nvm, hopefully i'll find nicer bottoms. :) alrighty, after a whole day of shopping we went for dinner at taka, ate Omu Rice :) at like 5pm, to avoid rush hour. HAHA. caught Ocean's 13 at Cineleisure after dinner. WOW! the show is FABULOUS! everyone should watch it. it's so funny yet it's not those lame jokes. yeah, and George Clooney is just soooo irresistably hot. haha! :P

sadly, neither felicia nor i have a camera :( if not i would have taken many photos with her. miss her so much lah! we were just lamenting how fast time flies when we walked passed Mandarin Hotel where our sec 4 graduation prom was held and we were like OH MY GOODNESS! seems like yesterday we were sitting next to each other at the table celebrating our graduation, but we're actually gonna graduating from JC already!? AHHHH! goodness. :X

now i'm really dreading to grow up. in the sense that i dwna go into the society. i dwna be part of the crowd during peak hours. AHHHHH! oh goodness. okay, i think i shouldn't worry about that YET. i should worry about As first. haha. alrighty alrighty. i shld study today, since i shopped the whole of yesterday :D alrighty!