23 June 2007

went tanning at sentosa today. it was SUPPOSED to be studying while tanning, but i feel it was more of the latter. HAHA. well, too lazy to update cos too many things happened. let pictures speak a thousand words. haha! anyway, the funniest thing about today is the many times when people OFFERED to help us take photo when the usual thing is we ASK people to help us take photo. haha! but we made some cool new friends too. who so kindly beared with all the rules we broke. :P such as consuming OUTSIDE food and drinks in cafe del Mar. haha! and some other laws/rules. hehe.

check out all the fun stuff we did!

bought my first alcohol here ;) thankgoodness i was there. if not they also cannot drink :P

enjoying Ben&Jerry's :)

while i enjoy my nice and cool Snapple :)

look at our cute juniors!

FINALLY the most realistic-looking pose. check out the many failed attempts on fernie's Multiply. haha!

I <3 U

they're trying to form ber. TRY your best to imagine :P

this is bEr. :)

this is Cute Clovie.

HAHA. they gotta sweep the beds!

we FLOAT! :D


AWWWW. the end of our sentosa tanning session :(

went for dinner at New York Pizza :) really ate our FILL. finally home. :DD

yet another day gone to waste :\ haha. okay ber! you better study ULTRA hard tmr!!