15 June 2007

Pariss International Buffet with Rojaks :D though only FIVE of us had the buffet together, the get-together was still fun :) with Nan and his WILD imagination, Kok funny stories about their medical check-up, Trixie and her never-ending gossips from Celeste Chen to donno who. haha. Colleen trying to decorate her plate with lotsa food just to take photos. haha!

anyway, now i finally understant why a lot of people tell me Pariss really isn't worth the money actually. cos even though they have a wide variety of food, but all the food are not really those super high quality kind. for example, their oysters and seafood aren't that fresh afterall. so yeah. once is enough :) hehe.

after lunch we met up with Tong, Xiuhui and Mel :) went to shop around Far East, Zara and Taka. hehe. too bad everyone gotta rush off for one thing or another :( but it's alright. we shall have another Rojaks outing after BT2! :D and YONGJIAN! you better join us in the next outing!! Eric too! :)

alrighty, this is like the third week of hols already, and it's FRIDAY already! AHHHHH. goodness i'm still left with more than HALF or rather i donno how much left to cover. AHHHH. and tomorrow's Jenny's wedding, meaning i'll probably not study AGAIN. haha.

oh before i forget, CONGRATULATIONS to JENNY and KELVIN!!!

alrighty, my main purpose is to watch Naruto. but argh :\ it's still not out yet. AHHHH. HURRRY...