10 June 2007

yesterday was YCS Amazing Race. Congratulations to the group i was facilating! which was led by Clovie Peck! :DD we came in 2nd!!! group members consists of Clayton, Nicholas, Fenicia(sorry if i spelt your name wrongly) and Vanessa. i'm quite pleased with the preparation for this Amazing Race. cos seriously, i thought it will be those clues that lead to you places kinda game. but this race was different in the sense we get to plan our own route. haha! how cool is that. so CHEERS to Benjamin(Cat High), Melvin, Amos(Junior)!!! GREAT JOB GUYS! keep it up k!!! even though the turnout wasn't too good, but at least the members enjoyed themselves :))

alright, lemme tell you about my group's route. haha! the main aim was to achieve as many points as possible. and more points are awarded for travelling LOONG distances from one place to another. so yeah, our first station was at Pasir Ris Park which earned us 70 points :DD after which we left for Yishun SAFRA. after reaching there and completed our question and all, we left for Queensway Shopping Centre. stopped by Ikea for hotdog for lunch :) yum yum! after Queensway we made our way to Sembawang Park. and goodness! we took a bus to Jurong East from Queensway to take a train to Sembawang. and gosh! the journey was -___- but the worst was the journey from Yishun to Queensway when we took that "oh-so-cold" TIBS bus. :\ we seriously DIED in the ride. which was 45min long. hahahha! anyway, Sembawang Park is seriously damn ulu lah! i didn't even know it exists :X hahaha. waited for like 20 min for bus 882 :X finally after Sembawang, we left for Huisuo :DD haha. well, the travelling was quite cool, we got to see places and things we've never seen before. haha!

P.S. thankgoodness i'm using Concession Pass. hahahah!

anyway, yesterday wasn't exactly the luckiest day in my life. cos the previous night i suddenly kena red eye :\ then when i woke up in the morning was worse :X went to see doctor. queued for FREAKING long. think about 45min? but not like i didn't get red eye before. BUT, it's still quite gross. yucks. anyway, thank god it's better now :)

going for some choir concert at UCC later. haha. cool thing i just found out yesterday that that's the SAME concert as the one my parents are attending. HAHA. gonna see ALOT of familiar people tonight i bet. :X hurh. siansssss. alright. gotta go bathe now. TATA!