01 July 2007

alrighty, havn't been blogging the whole week cos of BT2. argh. don't talk about it. screwed up my pure math paper. minus 65++ marks EXCLUDING careless mistakes made from the questions that i KNOW how to do. :\ but well, it's alright. HOPEFULLY my math paper 2 can pull my marks up a little. :D

anyway, there're many many other things to be happy about :)

like TODAY! met up with my OLD friends :) and they totally rocked my world! Ronald and his witty, funny jokes. Amos with his blur-ness and himbotic-ness. Gareth with his funny and act-cute expressions. Alvan and his FLOODING of vulgarities the minute he stepped into Gareth's house. now we TOTALLY know WHO is the one contributing to the vulgarities man. HAHA! and how can i forget? my ONE and ONLY bestest friend! Fernie! love HER and her underwater camera! hahaha!

even though i waited for them for almost an hour at the busstop cos they wanted to meet at 7.30am in the morning!!! to go swimming at Gareth's place. and as you all know. i stay the nearest, and i'm the EASIEST to wake up. :X so that explains why i was there at 0725 and waited till 0815 for Ronald and Fernie to arrive. HAHA! but it's okay :D good things are worth waiting for.

anyway, when we finally went to swim after waiting for Amos' arrival. it was already 9+ i think. haha! Ronald and his funny ideas made him decided to run and jump into the pool within 8 steps from gareth's house, while taking off his shirt. haha! here's the video.

this is Gareth's attempt

HAHA! it was HILARIOUS! i couldn't stop laughing behind. haha! then gareth tried too. haha. a better video cos ronald just started chionging without giving fernie time to prepare. haha! so caught him in a funny manner. haha!

anyway, after they got into the pool they started having fun with ronald's Glow-in-the-dark UNDERWATER frisbee. which doesn't actually fly UNDERwater. it's more like ONwater. haha! well, but nevertheless, it was still fun. :P

swam, played till 11 i think. bathe, ordered pizzas, ate, watch some cool youtube videos and hot bikini babes play beach volleyball and we all left :(

Fernie and I went to Hougang Mall Gelare to study/do work though. till about 6. ohhh, developed our underwater shots. which were mostly on land. haha! some were really nice. but due to the "expired" film, the colour turned out rather weird. but in a nice way. haha! photos will only be up after scanning it. hehe.

anyway, tomorrow's gonna be a fun day too! :) haha, gna watch Nancy Drew and Transformers for FREE with Fernie! haha! and with free-flow of popcorn! AHHH i just can't wait!!! heard really good reviews and comments about transformers. haha! my brother got so excited he even went to take his Optimus Prime toy out to show me! HAHAHA. it must have been the first generation one i tell you. but it's STILL in such GOOD condition. cos it belongs to MY BROTHER. haha! but qte fun lah. showed me how to transform it. but it just looks like those easily broken type of toy. haha. i would have easily broken it if it was mine. HAHA!

oh well! that leaves me with i donno how many hours to study. AHHHH! -__-