31 July 2007

no mood to blog recently. anyway, nothing much happened last week. except for Learning Festival on Wed and Thur :DD signed up for Impress At First Sight, Balloon Sculpturing, Protect Yourself, Kickboxing. it was pretty good. :)) check out the flower that i took pains to make. hehe.

if only Learnng Fest was longer. hurh.

anyway, then had YCS New-Old Exco camp at IHM Retreat House from Saturday evening to Sunday evening. haha. the best part about it was the catching up with my Bestie :D i L O V E girl talks! hahaha! that lasted till 4+am. which explains why i'm sooo damn tired in school.

anyway, this week is the chiong physics week cos there're physics papers on Wed and Fri -___-

and it's ULTRA alot of geog homework week too :\ hurh. i have to redo almost the entire paper of my geog BT lah. AHHHHH.

our Deputy Principal told us that she hope that next year she'll be able to say our cohort brought SAJC the BEST results ever in history, just like how our batch sportsmen wrote history with the first ever canoe medal and so and and so forth. so yeah. hopefully her dream might come true. i mean, DUH it's ALL our DREAMS. so yeah. AHHHHHHHH.

life is really veeeeerrrrrrrry meaningless, for now at least.