13 July 2007

Today is Friday the 13th! suppose to a day of BAD luck. but everything seems pretty fine for me. even on the good side :D caught Harry Potter and The Order Of The Phoenix with my Besties, Donavan, Eeshan and Dickson at Vivo just now. even though they said many parts of the story were cut off, but i think it was still a great show! i mean all the effects, MUSIC especially, graphics, the MAGIC, the people. they were all FABULOUS! but i wouldn't mind if they showed Quidditch. :( well, at least there's handsome James and Oliver Phelps :)) Fred and George. i think they're gorgeous! haha. well, Emma Watson too! she's like the BEST there. ahhhhh, and i like Evanna Lynch too. i was so "WOAH" when i read about how she got her role. she's like a TRUE Harry Potter fan man! she wrote to the producer saying that they'd be very wrong about Luna if they didn't pick her to play Luna. HAHA!

okay, besides Harry Potter, i got back my econs papers too. and i'm very pleased with my perf :)) hope i'll keep it up! SEVEN weeks to go! okay. SIX now that one week has passed :( i still havn't touched my math :[ okay, TMR BER!!!!!

and to all those who are kinda suffering cos of Friday the 13th! CHEER UP K! Friday the 13th is coming to an end soon. so THINK POSITIVE! and look forward! i always believe there'll be good luck after bad luck! hehe.

oh, forgot to mention that last sunday, went swimming with Bestie and Pam at Gareth's. haha, had a nice time tanning cos Fernie found a GREAT spot! haha. anyway, that night i went for dinner with Ree's family to celebrate her Dad's birthday. so yeah. it was quite fun. the cake was HEAVENLY. ;)