21 July 2007

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix once again! but with Zhiqi, Sylvia and Yingjia! :DD soooo miss them man. AHHHH. miss all those band pracs with them. :( but well, at least we can meet up once in a BLUUUU moon. hehe. oh, after the show, we went to PS food court to sit and chat. and guess who i met? my Bro and Greg. haha! so happens that my bro was performing at YMCA at night. so Zhiqi and I decided to go watch cos my bro said we only needa buy a drink. so yeah, we went. THE drink and snacks cost $10. :S but well, guess it's worth it?

woke up at 0750 to practise violin despite having slept at 1+am. haha! went for Rapture with Fernie, Wan Jin and Michael. well, i must say it's really not bad. the performances by Fantastic Four, Platinum and Styles From Beyond are really quite impressive. :) well, met up with Cuis, Charissa, that's more important. hehe. THANK YOU CUIS for the stickers! i totally love them! they're SOOO preeetty! and MEL! great job done as the emcee despite your five-year-old sounding voice and funny way of mic-holding. haha! but you really speak well and DEFINITELY memorise well! haha!

anyway, after much time wasted, think i should start on my work :\ ahhh.