17 August 2007

YAY! finally got the band dinner photos from Fernie. hehe. thanks dear once again, for lending me your camera!!

and here are the photos

Sylvia, Eunice and me

my fellow Maintenance Officer, Xiao Wei! together we keep the bandroom CLEAN and GREEN! haha!





Xin Mei

Wan Ling


John, our former Band President

Yi Mei, our former Vice-President of Admin

you know the amazing thing about her is that i'm on 10cm tall peep-toes and she's on flat pumps :X is she amazingly tall or what?

Percussion Section! :D

Benny and Benjamin

some of the Administration Leaders

more ALs!

Mindy, my Primary school friend! whooo!

Kenny, Mr Metro :P

some stage games, band supports gayism man!

and these are our victims!! poor thing they're the only guys in our section. HA!

THIS is the end product :)) actually i kinda think his fingers are nice for a guy man. wish i had fingers like these. haha!

and when Sylvia and I were bored of the stage games this was what we did

okay, that's all folks. still many other photos with other people but i'm too tired to upload them now. haha! anyway, here's something damn funny.

alrighty, enough of pictures and photos. TATA FOR NOW! :)