18 September 2007


was BestFriend, Fernie's 18th birthday celebration with the usuals :) this is her birthday mooncake! ;)


so we headed to subway for dinner then to Mind Cafe for some fun ;)

this was what we played

Amos, looking damn confused. haha! he's ALWAYS the slowest in making decisions. haha! and gets very excited when he has alot of cards to choose from. cos first few rounds he's always the last to get the cards (cos he's the oldest) so he could only choose from 2 cards! poor fella.

Gareth, looking like his usual self. haha!

Alvan, concentrating hard. ha!

this is what they do while waiting for their turn.

and of course! not forgetting our birthday girl :DDD

alright, so i kinda sacrificed today's physics paper 1 for this. if not for this paper i would have stayed on with them for another round of game! :( HURH. stupid prelims. oh well, even though it's over now. i don't feel relaxed/delighted/glad a least big :X but wells, at least i had fun yesterday :)) oh wells, supposed to come home to practise violin and hehe. here i am :P okay okay. enough updates. my life's about like that. boring as it is.

oh i almost forgot! attended my brother's NYJC alumni choir, Consonance's concert last sunday at Esplanade Recital Studio. it was pretty good. not a waste of time at all. haha. and since i'm on his business, might as well be a nice sister and help him publicise about his a capella group, Key Elements' concert