10 September 2007

went shopping with Fernie, Wendy and Rebecca after church. bought a dress :) yay! went over to Wan Jin's house after that for High School Musical 2 and birthday celebration :DD OH MAN! HSM2 ROCKSSSSSS! hahaha. Zac Efron is SOOO damn goodlooking. -melts.

anyway, had loads of fun at Wan Jin's. :) had CAKES. and these are the cakes i've had for the past few days.

Dark Chocolate Cake from Royals

Mango Cake from Royals

Chocolate cake from Swiss Bake

i TOTALLY l o v e the DARK chocolate cake! bought by my aunt who specially came down to my house to celebrate an early birthday for me :) thank you thank you!

anyway, here are some other photos.

cam whoring before HSM2

only I managed to blow out the fire. HA!

anyway, you guys gotta watch this!!!! Zac's expression when he heard that he found out that he lost his room key is worth millions man!! HAHAHA!

alrighty, enough of my daily dosage of Zac :) i should get back to my notes since i'm still in the midst of prelims :X AHHH!