28 December 2007

HAHA! i SOOO gotta blog about what happened at Marina Square today. haha!!!

after I Am Legend and having some Shilin Chicken. Fernie and I were walking outta Marina, towards the MRT. and guess who i saw?!?! _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _!! haha. and guess what i did? i did something damn embarrassing! i shouted damn loudy, "_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _!!!!" haha! i only wanted to tell fernie quietly. but as you know. i'm loud by nature. it came out DAMN LOUD. so loud that the person in front me (about 4 steps away) turned around. HAHA! thankgoodness the person didn't hear. oh gosh. if not he might be wondering who the hell called his name. haha! then after i exclaimed i just burst into laughter. i couldn't stop all the way till we were out of Marina. hahaha.

okay, so that was the most embarrassing thing i had done since a long time. haha! and i think i was smiling like some idiot on the train home whenever i thought of that incident. haha!

anyway, this week is a happy week! haha. firstly, i found all the It Started With A Kiss songs!!! :DD secondly, went Pitstop Cafe with The Usuals :DDDD haha. it was damn fun! even though i had to leave early (again) for violin lesson :( but oh well! it was memorable. haha. thanks pals! must go there again!!! :))