11 December 2007

okay, apologies for the lag post. although many events have passed. i still don't have the mood to update. haha. maybe i'm just plained lazy. oh well, lemme start with...

SAJC Prom. it was not as bad as i had expected it to be. haha! at least there's handsome lead singer in some band that our school has invited to play for us whom Melanie went gaga over. haha! anyway, think the more fun part was Mambo after prom. haha even though it was my first time there, i still enjoyed it. didn't plan to go at first since Fernie couldn't make it. but i still did, cos i couldn't bear to "destroy" my 35bucks hairdo. haha!!! and i found out that Felicia Yeo will be there too :) however, due to the TERRIBLE TERRIBLE crowd that night i couldn't find her at all :\ yes, it was freaking crowded that night since it was a Mambo night, our prom night and a few uni finished their exams, so yeah :| anyway, packed is one thing. the most disgusting part are those IRRITATING people who think they're oh-so-good-dancers but actually can't even dance to the beat, yet they keep pushing and shoving their asses into other peoples' space.

Tanning with Yi at Sentosa was pretty enjoyable. even though we only had like at most 2 hours of sunshine. haha! the previous i prayed and prayed for fine weather that day. haha, and my prayers worked after all! :D haha, we went there sooo early we had to sit at some weathered rock while watching employees of Cafe del Mar slowly take their time to prepare for opening hours. haha! anyway, thank God removed those dark clouds at around noon for us to get burnt :)) hehe. after tanning, Yi and I head down to Vivo to meet her friend while i met Fernie for like a few seconds to pass her her camera for her to snap photos at the Science Centre. haha. after eating our fill, walked around Vivo, then met up with Shimah at about 4pm to meet our class guys to go to the airport to send Kenneth off to Medan. that poor guy ALMOST missed his flight. haha! then Casper said machiam Amazing Race. cos when they announce last call, dear Kenneth was still at BK while his baggage were all at Macs with his friend. and if you know Changi Airport Terminal 2 well enough, you'll know that this two fast food outlets are at 2 ends of T2. hahaha! so Casper had to run with him to Macs to grab his stuff then run to the departure hall. haha! and when kenneth just went pass the counter they already say gate closing, we were so afraid that he'll miss his flight yet he just continue strolling. haha! but thankgoodness, he caught it :)

anyway, the coolest part of the trip to Changi is that i actually met Yi!!! who was flying off on the same night as Kenneth to England to meet her sister. haha! i coincidentally met her at T1 while i was walking pass to get to the skytrain to get to T3. haha! we were so excited! and thank God that silly girl didn't end up in India since she was pretty nervous cos it's her first time travelling overseas alone. anyway, met Qiuning there too. she was there sending 3 of her scholar classmates off. haha! it's just amazing how small Singapore is. haha!

nothing much, just shopping with my aunt at Vivocity after church. haha. more exciting thing was the Star Awards at night. haha!!

alrighty, Fernie's sending me all the photos i took! :)) but i'm too lazy to upload them here. shall just upload them to facebook. hehe. anyway, my life's the same everyday. wake up, breakfast, practise violin, watch my taiwan drama - It Started With A Kiss. hahah! Jiro is damn cute!!! but pitiful :( he likes the main character, XiangQin for five years but she likes another guy (for five years too). and obviously you know what will happen... haha!

anyway, speaking of my violin. haii, i'm losing more and more confidence :( Mozart's Concertos are just so hard to master! AHHHH. i feel like giving up. seriously. the more i practise the more notes i keep mis-pitching (if there's such a word) arghhhhhhh... and it requires clarity and precision but must not be played in a boring manner. AHHHH.

i was suddenly struck with the question that am i really suitable to be a musician? as in to take on this path. i really don't know. i started to ask myself what's my passion in the first. after watching all kinds of drama which tell you to follow your heart and passion blah blah blah. then i thought, well, my passion lies with animals. my first dream was to be a marine biologist. but i just suck at chem and bio. so i kinda gave it up. so now i'm practising hard to fulfil this dream to be a musician which i kinda realise it's something like my violin teacher's dream. cos he was the one who persuaded me to apply for Yong Siew Toh. well, he just told me the pros of being a musician. and being an easily persuaded person, i just "uhhh. okayy.." so gave it a try. but AHHHH. i really doubt my ability now. i'm sooo not perfect pitch. i'm starting to think i'm losing my sense of pitching. i can't differentiate all the slight mis-pitches! :\ and i believe i am not as musically inclined as my brother. nevertheless, i cannot say i don't like music. i really love to play music with people like in string orchestra and band. but playing solo maybe just isn't my type. but how can i survive if i have to rely on people all the time? ahhhh. maybe i should just stick to being an engineer. but now i kinda regret cos i don't think i'll have very good A level results. so i might not get into the course i want even if i don't take music. so now i'm kinda stuck with the path i chose. to practise hard for violin. and AYE, i'll just leave the rest to God. if i'm meant to be a musician, i will be. and continue to believe that a miracle might happen within one month - that i can miraculously pitch ALL my stupid running notes in the Concerto, including the stupid Cadenza. my poor-thing teacher say Mozart's Concerto is so tiring to play and teach. haha! even he is tired teaching it. gosh. maybe it's just me being a lousy player. there're like sooo many pros and child prodigies out there. i'm like nothing compared to them :\ ahhhhh.

okay, i think you've had enough of my ranting. on a happier note, Christmas is coming!! :))) the season of giving and receiving :P hahaha. but it's another headache when you can't think of what presents to give. hahaha! what an irony it is. isn't Christmas supposed to be a season to be jolly? oh well, at least i know i'll have fun this christmas eve! :)) okay, i think i'm gonna watch the new 9 o'clock show now. haha! later!