16 December 2007

so, today was YCS Carolling. and it was a MAJOR disappointment :( or rather this major disappointment was made up by many small disappointments.

first things first, Peacehaven cancelled out on us last minute. so we had only one home - Silra Home to visit and four members' houses. well, so we started late. which is actually a good thing since the standard of our singing requires more time for practice. but actually i guess, the practice didn't help much either. alrighty, so just as we were about to set off. some kind soul brought cupcakes for the members to fill their tummys before they sing their hearts out. alrighty, kind deed indeed. our wonderful members had to make a mess out of the huisuo canteen as though they were toddlers who cannot eat properly. and the best thing was there was this very alert and "considerate" uncle who cared so much about being a good citizen and clean up after you mess up. video-ed down the mess that our dear members created. so VIOLA. with time ticking away, our beloved SENIORS had to stay behind to clear up the mess which (i believe) was created by JUNIORS. and the fussy uncle insisted that the place be sparkling clean. alrighty. so we left at around 3.30pm instead of 3pm.

okay, so you thought that wasn't bad enough? because of the delay, our dinner which was scheduled at Silra Home was cleared away because they ate while waitin for us. alrighty, great! but thank God for sending us to Ping Ping's house and of course, we have to take Ping Ping and his family for preparing food for such a big group at such late notice :)) so we were practically like fighting for bread and butter (literally) at Ping Ping's house. haha! alright, thank God for the food. to warm us up a little after braving the rain to get to Ping Ping's house.

alrighty, thank God when we left Ping Ping's house, the rain had stopped. but of course, there was another challenge sent to us. to stand the stench of dog shit on the bus trip to Amos' house. cos some poor fella stepped on it in the dark of the night and boarded the bus without realising. and poor Felicia and I who sat at the front got the full blast of it! cos the leaf with a little shit on it was left at the door step :S alrighty! so you think dog shit is bad enough? after we had a little merry-ing at Amos' house, we came back to board the bus, and TADA. the bus broke down. what a great timing. when everyone (okay, mostly Felicia and I) were DEAD tired. and just wanna get to my house, which the last stop, finish carolling and rush back to the comfort of our homes.

so alrighty, everyone had to alight from the bus and wait for another bus to charter everyone to my house. and actually i kinda pity the bus driver. he just cleaned up the mess we made, and his bus broke down. :\ and poor him didn't get any dinner from us so i bet he was hungry and angry. gosh.

alrighty, thankgoodness we finally managed to get to my house :) carolled. or rather Felicia and I just sat there with my family and watch them carol. cos i'm just simply too tired. and have absolutely no mood to sing anymore. after a day of nonsense?! all the rowdy boys, noise pollution, a day spent doing something that i've been doing for several years. singing the same old songs that according to Ping Ping, havn't changed for SEVEN years. oh gosh. and to think i could have spent the day practising violin and maybe mastering my Mozart Concerto a little more. argh. i actually brought my violin early to yesterday. and got DRENCHED in the FREAKING DOWNPOUR while WAITING to cross the junction. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT???? just like maybe 5 min. and to arrive late, i THOUGHT i remembered my teacher said 1630 but when i reached at 1640, he told me, i must have remembered wrongly, supposed to be 4pm lesson. :\ GREAT. so i was 40 min late??? rightttt. but i sooo remembered he told me 1630. arggh. nvm. at least he say the next lesson he'll pick me up so i won't be late. ha. so yeah, i had to end lesson 20 min early cos another student was there since 1650. and start lesson with both my legs dripping wet. i thought i was going to freeze to death and probably catch a cold. but thanks to the Mozart Concerto which requires so much energy and concentration to play it. i kinda forgot my legs were wet. and the rainwater actually dried up, though my slippers were still wet even after i ended lesson.

alrighty, so yes. talkin about violin lesson, if only i hadn't changed it. i'll probably reach on time and DRY today. hurh. oh well, what's done cannot be undone. but maybe it doesn't work for words that were said or rather typed. alrighty, maybe it's just my plain stupidity and innocence. i mean, i OBVIOUSLY knew that they won't go. why did i even bother to remind them not to PS. and i actually believed. okay, ber is dumb i know. it was pretty obvious when i couldn't wake fernie up at 1130. it was like okayyyy. as usual. that log. okay, i shall call her house. smart move. Douglas Low left the house phone THERE. while waking fernie up. and he never went back to put down the phone. i hung up after waiting for 3 min of silence. okay. then when i tried to call the house phone again. it was engaged. ALRIGHT. smart. so i called her aunt to call Douglas' hp. and haha, wow. didn't work. her house phone was engaged ALL the way till afternoon when aunt finally went home. gosh. i pity all those who tried to call them but to no avail. oh well, at least when aunty reached home, fernie woke up. haha. i mean, i knew it was GG when her house phone was engaged. since today is her official first day of holiday, and after chionging all her projects and all, she must be DEAD tired. so okay, i knew she wouldn't wake up on time the night before, so i made a mental to myself to wake-up-call-her. and yes, i knew it that when she woke up in the afternoon she'll be too lazy to come. ha! yes fernie! you are predictable :P your pattern will never change lah. ha. especially when you kena your thing and with a stupid rainy weather like today. haha. alrighty, it's okay. i understand your laziness. so yes, of cos i understand our two other dear friends' laziness too. i knew it when i asked Gareth yesterday if he's coming. and he told me he might be too lazy to wake up to reach huisuo by 1pm today. okay, mind you, the meeting time is ONE PM IN THE AFTERNOON. okay. it's alright. i know my sleepin patterns are different from theirs. cos i sleep in the night while they sleep in the day. haha! okay, shit. i'm feeling like the computer is tilting. and my keyboard is slanted. ahhhh. what is happening to me? i'm feeling lopsided. haha.

okay, that's beside the point. alrighty. lemme continue, so Alvan and Gareth were supposed to meet us at Ping Ping's house at around 4(the scheduled time). and okay, since everything was delayed. i told him he can meet us at Amos' house instead. but nvm, he wanted to have dinner at home. okay, it's fine. and i sooo knew that after dinner he won't come at all. since it's so late. and by the time he finished dinner. he'll only be visiting one house. and that's pretty retarded. to come all the way down to carol at one house. you might as well don't come. so okay. nvm. i know it's late. like duh, it'll be late if you wanna come after dinner. nevermind. but if you know you'll be too lazy and you wanna have dinner at home. don't promise someone you won't PS and then break that promise. because disappointment after hope is worse than just disappointment at the start.

so all in all, today is the WORST carolling i've ever been to. okay, of cos thank God for sending Felicia to this carollling with me. cos her parents are out of town. so she couldn't stand the silence of her house. haha! alrighty, and thanks for the lameness and jokes that the kids brought. kids meaning the older kids. haha! not those irritating younger ones. haha. older kids meaning Marcus, Iggy, Yongwen, Dickson, Sherwin, Andrew. and at least Donavan was there. i thought Felicia and I were gonna be the oldest there after Daphne and Jenny. haha. okay, i think i can't take it anymore. must be too much shhhh-ing and noise pollution today.